Great recipes to start your day off right!

Tropical Fruit Anyone?

My mother is from Indonesia and papaya was a staple in her diet along with many other tropical fruits. We can so easily get stuck in the rut of apples, pears, berries, etc. that it is nice to add a bit of a twist to the palate. When my kids were little and I took them... read more

Ho Ho Juice

There are many social events at this time of the year. It is inevitable that some cheat drinks and meals will be enjoyed and that is all good! However, if we want to feel a bit better from all the good times here is an easy drink that is made out of a few veggies... read more

Nature’s Finest…Wheatgrass

Alrighty, let’s chat about the power of wheatgrass! Now, if this is something new to you, know that we do not chew it like a goat, no siree. Instead this incredible grass gets squeezed into a powerful juice that we can drink. It can be grown and harvested... read more

Healthy Hash

Here is a breakfast I made this morning that was nice and filling. I used some of the leftovers from the night before, added a few more ingredients and voilĂ , a new meal! Let’s back track a bit… First of all the meat loaf or burgers 1 package of ground... read more

Homemade Almond Milk

What do I do when we are out of milk? I make some! No, Bertha the cow is not out crazing on the back forty. Instead, I soak some nuts overnight, make the milk and it is ready in the morning. Love it! Here is how you can make it too! Soak 1 cup of raw organic almonds... read more

Dinner for Breakfast???

Yessiree, you read it right! Fitness guru Charles Poliquin is a big advocate of eating lean protein with healthy raw nuts (good fats) for breakfast. It is a great way to fire those neurotransmitters in your noggin first thing in the morning. It sure beats pop tarts!!!... read more

Power Pancakes

This pancake recipe is a far cry from white flour buttermilk pancakes! They are waaaay more filling and nutritious. I know some people may not be a fan of dairy or cottage cheese but you can always omit it and try it with more egg whites. I have not tried it this way... read more

Yummy Berry Bliss Smoothie

It is fun trying to be a food photographer! I like how this one turned out as the background is matchypoo with the smoothie…go figure!?! This is a quick recipe! You can vary the theme by using different fruit. 1 cup almond milk (see how you can make your own... read more

High Protein Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast is an amazing way to start the day! This recipe is a tweak on the classic scrambled eggs. Truth be told, I am a winger! Meaning, I rarely measure things but instead look, smell and taste the concoction of the moment to see if it needs anything. I know this... read more

Wholy Grain Donut

The Wholy Grain Donut is a take on the Oh She Glows ‘out-the-door chia donut’. Although the original version is a a vegan recipe which I respect, this one is tweaked a bit. Wholy Grain Donut 3/4 cup 5 whole grain cereal 1/2 cup salba 1/4 tsp sea salt 1/4... read more