Let’s Fuel Our Bods:)

The Cheat Meal…Yeah!

It is great to eat a meal that is a treat instead of a staple. Each week I try to really stick to lean proteins, lots of veggies, quinoa, and maybe brown rice. Does it go to hell in a hand basket some weeks…oh yeah…but I try!?! One meal of the week I will... read more

Tropical Fruit Anyone?

My mother is from Indonesia and papaya was a staple in her diet along with many other tropical fruits. We can so easily get stuck in the rut of apples, pears, berries, etc. that it is nice to add a bit of a twist to the palate. When my kids were little and I took them... read more

Is It Heavy Duty Bread?

I laughed this weekend as my mother was going to have some toast with eggs. She wanted to know what kind of bread we had in the house as she knows it is usually heavy duty meaning enough fibre to sink a ship!?! If I do have bread I love to eat Erich’s... read more

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This delicious soup was perfect after snowshoeing in butt (honestly it was numb) freezing weather! I take no credit for this recipe, my gal pal Cory is responsible for it. 2 skinless chicken breasts, shredded 1/2 tsp. oil 1/2 tsp. garlic minced – 3 toes 1/4 tsp.... read more


It can be so confusing when we peruse through the grocery isles trying to decide what to buy. Well, for starters buying whole foods that have no labels is always a great place to start. Then what? Organic or non organic foods? Non organic foods may have preservatives,... read more

Tips for a Healthier Life

The holidays have come and gone for most people. There have been so many indulgences such as alcohol, baked goods, chocolates, candy canes, savoury treats, you name it! Portion control was probably thrown out the window and now there is that feeling of unwanted... read more

Soothe Your Soul Chili

Trust me I am not a fancy cook (I am sure you figured that one out already!). I just like to prepare things that are basically easy and nutritious and hopefully somewhat delicious. Chili is one of those classic meals that are great to eat on those cold days when you... read more

Ho Ho Juice

There are many social events at this time of the year. It is inevitable that some cheat drinks and meals will be enjoyed and that is all good! However, if we want to feel a bit better from all the good times here is an easy drink that is made out of a few veggies... read more

For the Love of Kale…Chips!

Love a good snack and better yet, if it is nutritious! Kale is everywhere these days and for good reason. It is rich in vitamin C and K, beta carotene, calcium and has potent anti-cancer properties…yeah! Here is an easy recipe I hope you will try and make. If... read more

Nature’s Finest…Wheatgrass

Alrighty, let’s chat about the power of wheatgrass! Now, if this is something new to you, know that we do not chew it like a goat, no siree. Instead this incredible grass gets squeezed into a powerful juice that we can drink. It can be grown and harvested... read more