K9 Handler Agility

The world of agility is huge!

There are all types of levels from the beginner to world class competitors. A team consists of a dog and handler and they are required to have the skills to complete a complex set of obstacles in the least amount of time. Dog handlers treat their dog with tremendous devotion in regards to feeding them properly, giving them great accommodations, making sure their dog has its annual health check ups from their vet, and training them properly. But what about the individual handler? Often they take better care of their dog than they do of themselves.

In the sport of agility the handler who has great speed, a stream lined running technique, the ability to change gears with efficient acceleration, and deceleration, quick reaction time, and can move fluidly in multi planes will have the winning edge. When the handler is physically fit they are more able to keep up with their dog.  The last thing they would want to have happen is to have their dog waiting or slowing down for them as this will impede their competition time. These basic skills are often overlooked by the handler as they tend to focus more on their dog. Handlers should try to adopt the mindset of an athlete who puts in hours to get themselves conditioned and prepared for their competitions whatever sport that may be, this not only creates more success but also lessens the chances for injuries.

I  conduct drills that replicate skills needed for competition with the use of cones, sand bags, hurdles, and bands. Together we will also work on mobility, stability and proprioception which is vital to the sport too.

There will be no shortage of enthusiasm and fun!!!

Nutrition is another aspect of being an athlete and is usually not given much attention. There is nothing more important than fuelling the body with proper nutrients so it can perform efficiently. Training is only 10% of the equation, genetics is 10% but nutrition accounts for 80%, this is huge!! I will teach you how to eat properly for your competitions and give you lifestyle skills to help you feel your best.

When the handler is not fit and healthy than they are relying on their dog to be optimally trained. Agility is a team sport and the sum is greater than its parts. What happens on the agility course is important no doubt but it is the hard work that is done in the off season that pays big dividends on the podium.

Just give me a shout if you would like some more info on half and full day workshops:)