We Gotta Move Our Buttooskis:)

Strategizing Your Workouts

Do I want you to start exercising? Yes, that is the first step! But when you think of working out, building your business, or figuring out a vacation, etc. there needs to be a plan in place to get the most out of what you would like to achieve, right? I like to think... read more

Group Fitness Fun!

When we get bored with our fitness routine, or want to add a high intensity day into our week, or want some motivation, attending a group fitness class is a great thing to do! Misery loves company!?! If you are fortunate enough to have a great instructor like the one... read more

No Excuse Goblet Squat

This is the no excuse goblet squat because Lana had a training session with me and the power went out. Say what!?! No excuses!!! We got out the flashlights and carried on…that’s the thing to do!!! Squats should be a must in your arsenal of exercises. There... read more

Find A Fun Activity!

Now, I know this is not a typical activity most people like to do but remember I am a bit of an odd ball and not a girlie girl!?! The point here is finding something that makes YOU happy and flinging around a nunchuck makes me happy! We can all get caught up in the... read more

Watcha Doin?

So, you have decided to start working out and eating better, yeah, I am happy for you! Now, it is about compliance and being consistent, if you want to get results. Otherwise frustration sets in and there can be a tendency to give up. Don’t give... read more

Just Chill…

Ok, call me crazy, coo coo, whacko, etc., I know this is not an exercise you were probably thinking I would post about. With the holidays in full revved up mode I make it a mission to try to stay in an ohmmmmm state and just relax and breathe. In fact, this is what I... read more

Handler Agility Training: Cone Drills

The sport of agility requires exceptional speed, reaction and quickness on the part of the dog handler. Often this is a component of training that is overlooked. A great handler can be so good at queuing a dog that they do not have to move as much but others can... read more


Winter may not be for everyone but it can be a lot of fun too! Let’s take snowshoeing for example: What I love about this sport is being outside and one with nature. The stillness in the air, the snow ladened trees, the sun glistening on the snow and doing a... read more

One-Handed Weight Carry

According to Dr. Stuart McGill in his book Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance, the one-handed weight carry is one of the best activators of the quadratus lumborum (muscles of the low back) which is an essential spine ‘carrying’... read more