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Hey, thanks for dropping in!

Everyone has a passion for something, it might be music, art, reading, sports, etc. For some it is just a hobby but for me my passion is exercise and finding or creating healthy food. Many people want to feel better and get into shape, so I decided to create a business around it. It is so exciting when someone lets me know that they feel happier, more energetic and have a zest for life since embarking on a path to healthier living.

Even though fitness has always been a part of my life I find it even more important now that I am in my fifties. Yeah, fifties and beyond…bring it on!!!

Oh, I guess you want to know some credentials…

I started in the fitness industry in my late teens, decided to go into radiology to become a tech and worked in a trauma and community hospital for 14 years. I then vowed to come back to my love of health and fitness. Partnering with a friend from McMaster University we created ‘Marce and Sandy’s Rx For Fitness’, we were regular guests on Citytv’s CityLine and Breakfast Television, featured in print articles and sponsored by Adidas.

Athletically, I have run the New York City and Boston Marathons, earned a 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, became an instructor at a Black Belt academy and at the University of Nebraska. I competed at both the national and world championships in forms, sparring and weapons.

Athletic performance training is imperative in being successful in any sport but nutrition is crucial in fuelling the body properly. So, I went back to school to become a registered holistic nutritionist which as a certified personal trainer gave me more tools in which to help people.

I just love my job!!!

Seven years ago I was introduced to the sport of agility by a client who is now a cherished friend. The sport of agility is huge! To be successful at this sport the handler must be very effective not only in communicating with their dog but they must be in top physical condition to excel. Through my classes, workshops and seminars handlers can get the keys for optimal results.

Keep dropping in as I hope to post recipes and tips along the way.


Marce 🙂