Hi I’m Marce.

My intention for this website is to give you some recipes and useful tips to help you create momentum for a healthier life. I’m a passionate gal who truly wants you to be successful and feeling great!!! ox



What we eat and absorb in our body has huge implications on our health. The body is super smart and eventually it will respond to how we are
treating it. What do you want for yourself? We have an opportunity to nourish with the very best that nature has to offer and avoid the crappy chemical jungle out there. So, let’s eat well to live well! :)!


Our body is meant to move and it is fun finding different ways to do so. Exercise comes in many forms that can accommodate many interests.
Work your heart and muscles and your body will thank you many times over by keeping you agile, toned, clear headed, more stress free, and
feeling younger!:)

K9 Handler Agility

Agility is a wonderful sport for both the handler and their dog. The success of the team requires both members to not only be skilled in their respective
techniques but also to be in top physical condition to get through the course in record time. It is important for the handler to think and train like an athlete!:)!


If my brain synapses fire on all cylinders than I will be posting my thoughts on various subjects from time to time. Just be forewarned that I will be
writing like I speak, kinda kooky and goofy but always positive. Hopefully, I can provide you with some insight and info on something that can be useful to you or not…who knows?! 🙂 !

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